Arte – Anita Monastero: Petali di poesia

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For the English version please scroll down.  L’intimità di versi che fuoriescono dall’anima, avvolti nell’atmosfera di un inverno un po’ strano, sdrammatizzano il tempo con pensieri positivi e così si riversano su tela mille petali che riaffiorano da ogni angolo riversandosi in uno squarcio di mare turchese, divenendo così petali di poesia. Anita Monastero in Arte  è valente scrittrice e … Continua a leggere

Nathan Mundraby


      Nathan Mundraby is a descendant of Jabulum Mandingalbay Clan – Yidinji Rainforest People and Lama Lama Tribe – Thaypan Country (Weipa South). He is also recognised and allowed to claim ownership to the Djirrbal Tribe – Ravenshoe/Upper Tully. Nathan is a 7th generation descendant of a proud Mandingalbay woman and Tablelands Yidinji/Djirrbal man. Nathan has the Djirrbal … Continua a leggere

Nomad two worlds foundation


      “Please come sit. There’s plenty of room around this campfire.” — Hugh Jackman The Nomad Two Worlds Foundation has supported a number of initiatives and individual artists since its founding. Examples of the our funded programs and the artists we support include: Kiyus’ismon hilKuhku at the Chumash Indian Museum The Nomad Two Worlds Foundation provided funds to the … Continua a leggere

One year -Fifty two weeks to awaken the senses


Author: Deborah Glover Photographer: Alexandra Mann Bellingen, NSW Affirmations Publishing House Make this year and beyond one to remember – a year to change your appreciation of life forever. Every moment can be made so much richer by simply taking time to enjoy the senses. One Year contains an abundance of ideas, one for each week of the year, … Continua a leggere