Nathan Mundraby: Midin Art Collection


by Nathan Mundraby

Dubai Exhibition 2017

Midin Modern Art

Nathan Mundraby

Nathan Mundraby

From the Midin Art Collection, you can now buy some pieces of art by Nathan Mundraby aboriginal modern artist.

He has performed in the Hugh Jackman show, from Broadway to Oz and will exhibit his paintings in Dubai in july 2017. It is highly recommended to visit his exhibition to see his one and only artworks in person.

Among the Midin art collection works, there are The freshwater Bird dreaming, the Billabond dreaming both on sale for 50.000 Aud, didgeridoos (150$) and boomerangs (120$).

Every piece, is exclusive and you will read it on its own certificate. In case of purchase, only you have that piece of the collection, a unique artwork of Mr Mundraby.

For more information please write to:

Nathan Mundraby


Mathan Mundraby

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