Nathan Mundraby


      Nathan Mundraby is a descendant of Jabulum Mandingalbay Clan – Yidinji Rainforest People and Lama Lama Tribe – Thaypan Country (Weipa South). He is also recognised and allowed to claim ownership to the Djirrbal Tribe – Ravenshoe/Upper Tully. Nathan is a 7th generation descendant of a proud Mandingalbay woman and Tablelands Yidinji/Djirrbal man. Nathan has the Djirrbal … Continua a leggere

Nomad two worlds foundation


      “Please come sit. There’s plenty of room around this campfire.” — Hugh Jackman The Nomad Two Worlds Foundation has supported a number of initiatives and individual artists since its founding. Examples of the our funded programs and the artists we support include: Kiyus’ismon hilKuhku at the Chumash Indian Museum The Nomad Two Worlds Foundation provided funds to the … Continua a leggere