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A historic discovery in the Jordanian desert leads an archeologist and a covert operative from the Vatican on a frantic treasure hunt in this globe-trotting adventure from director Iain B. MacDonald (Mansfield Park, The Last Enemy). Archeologist Victoria Carter (Anna Friel) is exploring an ancient temple when she discovers a mysterious parchment that appears to reveal the location of King Solomon’s treasure. Meanwhile, The Vatican catches wind of the remarkable find, and dispatches top Treasure Guard Angelo (Raoul Bova) to prevent the treasure from falling into the wrong hands, like those of Angelo’s slippery half-brother Luca (Volker Bruch) who appears unexpectedly to help out with the hunt. But Luca is the least of their worries, because Victoria’s legendary father Teddy Carter (Andre Jacobs) has been hunting this treasure for decades, and he isn’t about to let anyone – including his own daughter – get to it first.
Action & Adventure , Art House & International , Television
Directed By:
92 minutes


Richard Kurti (teleplay), Bev Doyle (teleplay)

This week I recommend you to watch the treasure guards, if you like archaeology, mystery and adventure, this is the movie for you.
Starring the italian actor Raul Bova and the british actress Anna Friel in the role of Angelo and Victoria. The two characters are involved in the research of the seal of Solomon.
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