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A Fake Masterpiece. A perfect plan.







Isabella and Sophia Bliss’ book: a little bit of this a little bit of that

A little bit of this a little bit of that is the new Isabella and Sofia Bliss book. Isabella is Junior masterchef Australia 1° edition winner…Read more





Ai se eu te pego Michel Telò


I want you back – Cher Lloyd

Parking lot – Nelly Furtado

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Shopping Night

Enzo Miccio and Carla Gozzi the fashion style gurus, are back on Real Time with “Shopping night”….Read more 



Music  – Video


Mario Biondi: Due with the Unexpected Glimpses 

Melanie C:Think about it


Take that Love love 


New video section: Videos from A to Z









Lorna Milton Show : the expert hour











Mark Shields, Life Coach, Author, media expert, and motivational speaker, is managing director of Life Practice Uk, specialists in Personal and Business Coaching 






This month we’ve the brand new Take that video “The flood” comes just before the release of the new album “Progress”  if you like to know more you can take a look to all the latest news about Robbie, Gary, Mark, Howard and Jason… Read more


At the vittoriano in Rome the exposition of 70 Van Gogh paintings, and 30 painting of the contemporary painter Gaugain, Cezanne, Pissarro, Millett… Read more


Take That brand new video, The flood, comes just before the release of the new album Progress next 23rd of november…. Read more

This month on Ibkoala we open a video section. This week we’ve submitted a Miley Cyrus’ video from “Hanna Montana, the movie”… Read more

Julia Nunes a girl from the States, with Portuguese origins and a great passion for music has begun to perform singing with her ukulele in her room submitting her videos on Youtube… Read more

Kylie Minogue returns with her brand new album “Aphrodite” out on Parlophone… Read more


Miss Italy in the World is Kimberly Castillo Mota Miss Italy Dominican Republic, second place Giuseppina Cannella Miss Italy Germany, third place Esmeralda Yanicke, Miss Italy Amazonia… Read more

Archive 2009

January ’09: U.S.A. Top ten album – Uk top ten albums – Italy top ten albums – Australia top ten albums

  • News In Short ’09

the latest news about music, tv and international events.

  • uot; style=”margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt”> News in Shorts: 09/01/09

  • Events ’09



Italy’s upcoming tour dates – Europe upcoming tour dates, U.S.A. upcoming tour dates, New Zealand and Australia upcoming tour dates


Australian Open ’09

Archive 2008


  • Concerts  dates 2008 :

§ June

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§ October Italy Upcoming Tour Dates – U.S.A. & Canada Upcoming tour dates – Australia Upcoming tour dates

§ November Italy upcoming tour dates – U.S.A. & South America Upcoming tour dates – Au upcoming tour dates


  • Music Charts:

November Top ten album U.S.A – Top ten album Uk – top ten album Italy

If you want to see a lovely little town, watching the tv series My Life you will easily have an idea of how beautiful the panoramas are in Germany….To be continued

Which song do you prefer? Choose your favourite one.

Australia Dancing with the Stars: each week the most famous dance competition’s latest news

Waiting for “Ballando con le stelle”(Dancing with the stars) new Italian edition broadcasted on Rai 1, let’s jump to the other side of the world and find out how Australian Stars  perform in “Dancing with the Stars”…To be continued

I’d like to talk about the dance couples excluded from the Australian tv show, Dancing with the stars, Let’s go behind the scenes, to know who the participants are in every day life, so that immediately after being excluded from the competition, they become automatically protagonists. Seen their careers and artistic successes they have already won the competition even though every good opportunity is the important step of a journey. To be continued

This week Nova Radio host Cal Wilson and her partner Craig Monley were eliminated from the dance competition of Dancing with the Stars. Let’s know better the two Australian dance partners…To be continued

The two dancing with the Stars attendants who were eliminated from the dancing competition of this week are Jordi Gordon and Stefano Oliveri…To be continued

Eros Ramazzotti waiting for the upcoming australian tour. With 40 million record sales and a distinguished 25-year career, the success of Eros Ramazzotti is reaching Australia too… To be continued

News in Short: 09/01/09

A clothing for every occasion. A make up for every occasion. An hairstyle for every occasion. Or a clothing style that takes different shapes in different occasions. Which are the right accessories to change a casual look in a more trendy and glamorous one? How to highlight a simple clothing item? To be continued



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