Vagamondo: around the world without flying



Vagamondo: around the world without flying

Report of a world tour done without flying. 95,450 km, 528 days and 24 countries were crossed to accomplish this extraordinary experience, alone. An exciting journey that started in the Himalayas and ended in Siberia, during which Oceans were crossed on merchant ships. A journey not only through wonderful places on Earth, but most of all a powerful, spiritual experience, marked by an introspective evolution lived country after country by a traveller of our times. Travelling considered as medicine for the soul, to cure the malaise inherited in adolescence from the consumer society he comes from, which lead to drug and alcohol abuse. This is not a conventional guide, it is much more, it is a genuine, authentic story of life.

Dreaming is human, but to go beyond the dreams can become divine. Early twenties I made the choice to start traveling going to Tarifa in Spain to look for work. I had to put myself on the way to remedy a strong self-destructive malaise that was ravaging my life. From that first step began an extraordinary evolution that has become the meaning of my life. For three years I lived and worked in Spain, Pakistan, Australia and Spain again. I tried all kinds of jobs as an assistant cook, mason, humanitarian cooperant, bartender, worker and house painter. Then I had to go home to face a family tragedy that kept me still there for a few years, but that made me grow a lot. The 8 October 2011 I decided to take back the life journey that I was creating the basis for a particular adventure as around the world without airplanes. I traveled about 100,000 kilometers by land and sea through 24 countries in 530 days. Experience of an extraordinary intensity that has radically changed my perception of Life and the World. Back in Italy I self published travelogue Vagamondo and suddenly I was overwhelmed by an unexpected success. Tens of thousands of copies sold, so many months on the list of bestsellers. The largest publishing house offers me a contract but i refuse and decide to go for my free and independent way. I translate and public Vagamondo in English, now available in alla amazon online store. Then pushed by the interest of the people I write and the public also the Factory of the Journey, a manual for those who want to travel solo and land. Well the new publication goes right between the bestseller. I continue to travel and experience new cultures deepening especially India. At 30 years I have visited over fifty countries, the goal is to continue on this path. My mission is to spread the trip as a medicine for the soul. An extraordinary school of Life.

Carlo Taglia

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